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CAUTION:  This document contains Mikey Weinstein’s extremely violent~ profanity-laced~ and bigoted comments against all evangelical Christians who believe the New Testament of the Bible.


On 21 April the Pentagon disinvited Franklin Graham to speak at their National Day of Prayer event~ because Graham allegedly made previous controversial statements~ by daring to criticize some Muslims who beat their wives~ kill their children for suspicion of adultery~ and committed mass genocide against 2 million Christians in Sudan.


But the real question is~ why did the Air Force Academy invite Mikey Weinstein (whose letter to SECDEF got Graham disinvited) to speak to cadets at their National Character and Leadership Symposium in February 2010~ when Mikey Weinstein has made statements far worse than Graham’s~ threatening violence and swearing vulgar obscenities at all evangelical Christians~ up to 38 million American people on whom he has declared war?


QUESTION:  Is this the kind of man we invite to speak on military bases to our cadets~ and pay with our tax-dollars?  




Quotes by Mikey Weinstein:


1) "The biggest crime I accuse the religious right of and it’s a blood libel~ a crime against humanity is torturing that concept~ by bludgeoning it and assaulting it~ so that what it comes out as "tolerance for diversity’ equals "intolerance for us in the majority.’ My response is: Fuck you. Fuck you. How dare you?"


Source:  http://www.csindy.com/colorado/mikeys-mission/Content?oid=1132893


2) Weinstein…has a few words of his own for his fellow Air Force Academy alumnus~ Klingenschmitt.  “I would like to beat the shit out of him in a boxing ring or in an alley behind a Safeway~” said Weinstein~ who has tangled with Klingenschmitt several times before over what he calls improper proselytizing in the military.





3)  "We are at war with a sub-set of evangelical Christianity…how many? Roughly 12.6% of the American public or 38 million people."


Source: http://www.prayinjesusname.org/wp-content/uploads/File/MikeyAtWar.mp3


4) “Our Pentagon has been turned into a Pentacostalgon~ and our department of defense has been turned into an imperious~ vicioustic~ contagion of unconstitutional triumphalism by people that want to kill us~ or have their version of Jesus kill us~ if we don’t accept their Biblical worldview.”


Source:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqAiJmOdQ4U&feature=related


5) “We are a 501c3….it costs us $75~000 per month to operate….if we’re lucky I can bring in $18~000 per month in donations.” 


Source:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqAiJmOdQ4U&feature=related



6) [Weinstein] traded in his yellow Viper in 2006 (which may have replaced the red one he had in 2004) for a Lotus~ and who took home compensation of more than $250~000 from his non-profit organization in 2008. 


Source: http://christianfighterpilot.com/blog/2010/01/06/weinstein-v-ammerman-continued/


7)  "General Petraeus has~ by his own hand~ become a quintessential poster child of this fundamentalist Christian religious predation~ via his unadulterated and shocking public endorsement of a book touting both Christian supremacy and exceptionalism~" Weinstein told Military.com Aug. 16.

And by endorsing a book that argues only those who believe in God can fully contribute to the military mission or unit~ Weinstein contends that Petraeus insults ""the integrity~ character and veracity of approximately 21 percent of our armed forces members who choose not to follow any particular religious faith."

He said that even if Petraeus offered his comments personally~ that’s a distinction without a difference. "Privately he’s denigrating 21 percent of troops~" Weinstein said. Suppose he privately denigrated women~ African-Americans or Jews? Weinstein asked.

"He should still be relieved of duty and court martialed~" he said.





8) Weinstein’s answer was unequivocal. “Either you stay quiet and let the evangelical chaplains shape a generation of the most powerful instrument of death the world has ever known into an army for Jesus~ or you speak up. I couldn’t stay quiet”… today we face a new danger; the rise of the “fundamentalist Christian~ parachurch~ military corporate proselytizing complex.”


Source:  http://www.moaablogs.org/battleofthebilge/2009/07/mikeyvsgoliath/


9) During this fight~ Weinstein has hired~ at one point or another~ eight different law firms and five PR agencies. The 18-~ 19- and 20-hour days of work and battle are starting to pile up. But~ he figures~ somebody’s got to do it. "It’s time~" he says~ "to stop doing nothing."… "I’m now going to lay down in a withering field of fire~ kick ass~ take names and leave sucking chest wounds~" he says. "We are at war~ I agree with my friend Bobby Welch. We are at war."


Source:  http://www.csindy.com/colorado/mikeys-mission/Content?oid=1132893


10) “We are a weapon.  We’re a militant organization.  Our job is to kick ass~ take names~ lay down a withering field of fire~ and leave sucking chest wounds on this unconstitutional heart of darkness~ if you will~ this imperious fascistic contagion of unconstitutional triumphalism.”


Source:  http://www.jewsingreen.com/home/blog/comments/an_interview_with_mikey_weinstein/


11)  Basically what we’re facing are Fundamentalist~ Dominionist Christians that are preying — P-R-A-Y and P-R-E-Y — on non-Fundamentalist Christians including in many respects other evangelical Christians that are just not fundamentalist Christians~ telling them that~ "you may think you were Christian enough for us but you’re not. And as a result~ you will burn eternally in the fires of Hell along with the Jews." And that’s why I’ve got to be here to take the calls around the clock from our troops. Many times they will not give me their name~ sometimes they will. Often times they will give me the contact information for their supervisors or their commanders and what unit they’re in. Then my job is I go call these people and make it clear that this is happening and suggest they make it stop or make them the next star on CNN.


Source: http://au-oc.org/Weinstein_interview.htm



12)  “When I see anti-Semitism~ I don’t fucking care if I live or die~ someone’s going to get a fucking beating. 


Source: http://newhumanist.org.uk/1681


13)  And yet Mikey makes anti-Semitic Comments:


BK:  And as you move to the right in our own circles~ they find support~ from perhaps the Dennis Pragers of the world.

Weinstein:  “Prager~ and many others. I spent ten days in March in the Upper West Side and Upper East Side of New York.  You can’t get through.  Any religious entity that suppresses the rights of women and seems to hate homosexuals~ and view with suspicion any applicability of the Constitution to subordinate their own Biblical world views.  They’re bad.  That includes our folks~ the Orthodox~ the others~ many have quoted to me that they couldn’t at all relate.  It’s my own fault that my three children~ all of whom are Air Force Academy graduates~ my daughter in-law who’s Christian~ my two Jewish sons.  They’re all lieutenants~ and they should be in the US military~ they should be in the IDF.  That’s what matters. I’m sure you get a pretty good sense of how bad this is.  I refer to it as a contagion.”

The JWV has no spine.  I’ve been completely depressed.  They haven’t reached out at all~ they seem to have absolutely no balls whatsoever.  Somehow I think they and the ADL~ Abe Foxman~ have confused circumcision with castration.  I don’t see any balls at all from any of them~ so my response is “go back to collecting your dues.”





14) "Every single time radicalized Christianity has engaged the machinery of the state and the armed forces~ we have ended up not with puddles and little streams~ but with oceans and oceans of blood~" he says. "I’m not just talking about the Holocaust or the Inquisition or the four Crusades~ I’m not just talking about the Black Plague; it’s the transition from Plan A to Plan B.   In Plan A~ evangelical Christians with a smile on their face will ask you to please~ please~ please accept their biblical worldview of Jesus. The problem with that is~ inevitably~ Plan A morphs into Plan B. They stop asking so nicely~ and then you have the Holocaust~ the pogroms~ the Inquisition …"


Source:  http://www.csindy.com/colorado/mikeys-mission/Content?oid=1132893


15) "There’s a time and a place to talk about religion~ and I don’t think that time and place is while you’re on the job~" Weinstein says. "That’s what Title 7 of the U.S. Code says~ and it’s worse in the military~ because they’ve got all the guns and the bombs and the bullets and the rockets.

"I have no problem with anybody having their cuddly Moses~ Buddha~ Confucius or Jesus teddy bear. That’s not my issue. My issue is when the government starts telling me which of us U.S. citizens are children of a greater God and which ones are children of a lesser God~ or no God at all.

"Whatever religious belief you have Judaism~ Christian~ agnostic~ et cetera wear whatever clothes you want~ you just can’t wear Uncle Sam’s clothes.


Source:  http://www.csindy.com/colorado/mikeys-mission/Content?oid=1132893



16) NAE president Ted Haggard~ pastor of New Life Church~ also clashed with Weinstein on a personal level when he released to the public a series of holiday e-mail exchanges between the two men. Haggard’s action prompted Weinstein to challenge him to a fistfight.


Source:  http://www.csindy.com/colorado/mikeys-mission/Content?oid=1132893



17) Weinstein says a rumor has circulated that he wants to ban people from saying "God bless you" when someone sneezes.

"If standing up for the Constitution makes you a godless secular leftist or an arch secularist~ well~ like I’ve said before~ gee~ you say that like it’s a bad thing."

The worst insult of all~ that "I have a chilling effect that will cause thousands of brave men and women in the armed forces to burn eternally in hell to me~ that is a blood libel."


Source:  http://www.csindy.com/colorado/mikeys-mission/Content?oid=1132893


18)  “We are facing a national security threat in this country that is every bit as significant in magnitude~ width and breadth internally as that presented externally by the now-resurgent Taliban and al-Qaeda. … I’m here to report to you today that that wall is nothing but smoke and debris. We are facing an absolute fundamentalist Christianisation – a Talibanisation – of the US Marine Corps~ Army~ Navy~ and Air Force.”


Source: http://newhumanist.org.uk/1681



19)  “… we lasted for 55 weeks before the judge dismissed us without prej

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