Democrats Vote for Gender-Based Child Killing

by Chaplain Klingenschmitt on June 4, 2012 · 0 comments     Print This Post Print This Post

Let us pray. Almighty God, we are grieved that a bill was rejected by the U.S. House of Representatives that would have penalized abortionists for killing preborn female children on the basis of their gender. Nearly all Democrats plus these seven RINO Republicans supported female child-killing: Justine Amash (R-MI), Charles Bass (R-NH), Mary Bono Mack (R-CA), Robert Dold (R-IL), Richard Hanna (R-NY), Nan Hayworth (R-NY) and Ron Paul (R-TX). Your Word says that you hate “hands that shed innocent blood” (Prov. 6:17). We pray You convict all pro-aborts and woman-haters to repent of supporting child-killing, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Democrats Vote for Gender-Based Child Killing

Chaplain Klingenschmitt

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Former Navy Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD ("Dr. Chaps") defends religious freedom to pray "in Jesus' name." As a Christian pastor he can preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ or lead a Bible Study at your Church.

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