We’re winning? Obama’s judges Kayatta and Hurwitz vote delayed

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New Petition! Demand the U.S. Senate OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER two bad judges nominated by President Obama, for their anti-Christian, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual rulings. Select, sign and we will fax all 100 Senators instantly (saving you time!)

We’re winning? Obama’s judges Kayatta and Hurwitz vote delayed

It is possible we are winning the fax-war against two of President Obama’s pro-abortion, pro-homosexual judges. The full Senate has delayed and not yet voted on whether to confirm Andrew Hurwitz and William Kayatta, who could be promoted to critical seats on the 1st and 9th Circuit Courts of Appeals.

Or at least we have delayed injustice. The Kansas City Star admits Hurwitz’ vote is facing delays, and the Maine Public Broadcasting Network admits Kayatta is losing support. (Although both liberal papers complain, for example, “if [Senators whom we're petitioning] don’t agree with [the judges pro-homosexual, pro-abortion] ideology, it’s harder to press the ‘go’ button. Kim Moody from the Disability Rights Center says Maine isn’t facing a crisis like other places in the U.S. But she says Maine’s nominee to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals, trial lawyer William Kayatta, recently received approval from the judiciary committee, and now “is just sort of sitting there waiting. And so the 1st Circuit is unable to do its work in the way that it needs to do. And that’s true all across the country.”

After we have sent tens of thousands of fax petitions opposing both Kayatta and Hurwitz, “The Republican Policy Committee from the U.S. Senate issued a statement saying that the federal judicial vacancies are due to the Obama administration’s continued failure to nominate qualified individuals.”

In other words, since Obama appoint radical ultra-liberals, HE is to blame for the backlog. And YOU get the credit for petitioning and blocking these judges! We’ve already stopped 4 bad judges last year. Let’s stop these two again today, by petitioning all 100 Senators…

Please select here to sign urgent petition, and we will fax all 100 Senators (saving you time!) to OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER two bad judges to stop forcing their anti-Jesus, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual views on the American people.

Senate Vote Today? Stop Obama’s Two Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homose xual Judges

The full Senate could vote today on two bad judges, Andrew Hurwitz and William Kayatta, who could be promoted to critical seats on the 1st and 9th Circuit Courts of Appeals. I have just joined 40 pro-family groups in signing this new letter to all Senators.

We must petition all 100 Senators to STOP and FILIBUSTER both pro-abortion, pro-homose xual judges. Their appeals court seats are just below the Supreme Court.

President Obama’s pick for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is Judge Andrew D. Hurwitz. Many of you remember that it was Hurwitz in 1972 who helped author two decisions which the U.S. Supreme Court used as the foundation for Roe v. Wade. The pro-abortion Hurwitz shockingly sailed out of committee with on a 13 – 5 vote thanks to support from 3 Republican Senators (Tom Coburn, Lindsey Graham, and Jon Kyl). The Senate is expected to vote on Hurwitz confirmation as early as TODAY.

Even pro-choice, pro-abortion liberals agree Roe v. Wade was a bad legal opinion. Analyst Kermit Roosevelt told the Washington Post in 2003, “You will be hard-pressed to find a constitutional law professor, even among those who support the idea of constitutional protection for the right to choose, who will embrace the opinion itself rather than the result….This is not surprising. As constitutional argument, Roe is barely coherent.” [Even worse, Hurwitz helped write a child-murdering opinion.]

Hurwitz continues to not only defend Roe but to brag to the point of celebration of the decision. The mere fact that Obama nominated him is a clear sign that the left knows we are winning and have become desperate to uphold Roe at all cost. The Judicial Action Group (JAG) says “Hurwitz takes pride in his role in crafting the case that had ‘crucial influence’ on both the outcome and the reasoning in Roe. Roe is not only a constitutional abomination but has immorally [resulted] in judicial sanction of the killing of tens of millions of unborn children. Hurwitz should be ashamed of his role in Roe. His pride in his role in Roe is expressed not only as a young law clerk in 1972 but as recently as 2003, at the age of 52. Hurwitz’s pride in his role in Roe is cause for great concern.”

Hurwitz will also be remembered for other liberal decisions. Sen. Sessions (R-AL) told Hurwitz, “You served as pro bono lead counsel in the seminal Supreme Court case of Ring v. Arizona, which struck down Arizona’s death penalty sentencing scheme as unconstitutional, and also invalidated several other States’ statutes as well. You were quoted in an article by the Arizona Attorney newsletter as saying that the experience was ‘the best episode in [your] wonderful career in private practice.’ ” Mr. Hurwitz worked for free to save felony murderers while killing innocents who have been murdered thanks to Roe.

We must fight today and let Congress know the American people will not stand by and let such a pro-abort rule on the Ninth Circuit! Let’s tell 100 Senators NO ON HURWITZ.

Please select here to sign urgent petition, and we will fax all 100 Senators (saving you time!) to OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER two bad judges to stop forcing their anti-Jesus, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual views on the American people.

Obama promotes pro-homose xual Judge who sought to double his own pay

Our friends at Judicial Action Group (JAG) are warning about another activist liberal judge being pushed for promotion by President Obama to the First Circuit Court of Appeals, ruling over Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampsire, Rhode Island, and Puerto Rico.

Judge William J. Kayatta must be stopped. Please call your 2 Senators at 202-224-3121 to say “Oppose and filibuster BOTH judges, Kayatta and Hurwitz.”

JAG warns: “Kayatta takes the elitist view that Judges should be paid twice as much as U.S. Senators….Kayatta will not be satisfied with ‘just’ a: “100% raise from current compensation…” he wants more of our money for himself and his elitist friends. Kayatta…approved and edited the White Paper: “Judicial Compensation: Our Federal Judges Must Be Fairly Paid,” [which] report expresses the elitist view that judges should be paid more than Senators and Members of Congress because judges “are not supposed to be average.”…Kayatta also argues that judicial salaries must be doubled…

“Pursuant to Kayatta’s judicial philosophy, Judges may raise their own salaries by legislating from the bench. Kayatta wrote: “A case can be made that the Constitution requires a raise in judicial compensation to ameliorate the diminution which has occurred over time as the result of inflation.” [But he's wrong, since] the Constitution prohibits judges from raising their own salaries…

“Kayatta was a member of the American Bar Association Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary when that committee…rated Elena Kagan as ‘Well Qualified.’ Kayatta appeared before the Judiciary Committee to present the Kagan evaluation, and Senator Jeff Sessions took issue with Kayatta over that evaluation.”

“Sessions pointed out to Kayatta that…Kagan was grossly unqualified…”I found it difficult to understand how when she did not meet those qualifications that [Kayatta and] the Committee reached the highest rating for the highest court.”…

“Kayatta’s ABA Report Defends Kagan in Baring Military Recruiters from Harvard. Kayatta helped draft the ABA Report on Kagan that was submitted to the Senate. The report gratuitously raises and defends the issue of Kagan’s role in barring military recruiters from Harvard Law:

[Kayatta defended why] “Harvard Law School had a long-standing policy denying placement office services to any firm or organization that refused to hire students for reasons including known sexual orientation. [Kagan] enforced the policy…In other words…Dean Kagan demonstrated any type of bias that would cause us to question her integrity under our standards.”

[Kayatta complained about Christians who fired three activist pro-homosexual Iowa judges:] “In the wake of these developments, three Supreme Court justices in Iowa were ousted in 2010 after interest groups, most from out of state, spent nearly a million dollars to unseat them owing to the court’s unanimous ruling in a 2009 gay marriage case.”

[But JAG says Kayatta's] “Paper does not address the fact that the Iowa judges’ ‘gay marriage’ case amounted to brazen judicial usurpation of legislative power. The voters properly exercised their legal ability to remove these errant judges. Without such remedies, the radical activism of judges – like the Iowa judges – would surely proliferate.”

BOTTOM LINE: Kayatta is clearly a pro-homosexual, activist judge who not only complains when Christian citizens vote-out activist judges, Kayatta wants to increase the power of activist judges to double their own salary and enforce pro-homosexual policies by legislating from the bench. KAYATTA MUST BE FILIBUSTERED!

Please select here to sign urgent petition, and we will fax all 100 Senators (saving you time!) to OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER two bad judges to stop forcing their anti-Jesus, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual views on the American people.

God Bless you, in Jesus’ name,
Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt PhD
Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD
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